Scanning Services

As professionals in digital imaging we specialize in scanning, reproducing and archiving your precious memories and photographs. If you’ve got boxes of prints, sleeves of negatives or stack of slides we are here to help preserve them for future generations. Whether you want copies of prints to pass on to family and friends or need digital files to upload to social media or ancestry sites we are here to assist you in organizing them.

The most common version of what we see are good old fashioned photographs, otherwise known as prints. If you are like most people you’ve accumulated boxes and boxes of the these treasured pieces of paper throughout the years. We can scan prints from locket size through 12×16 inches in-house. Your precious memories never leave our lab and our professional staff handles them with care to insure your originals are returned in the same condition as when they are dropped off.

Print scans start at $6.00 each* (for prints up to 8×10 inches). Prices include basic contrast and color adjustments. Additional Photoshop work can be done for additional fees. If your prints are faded or badly damaged we also offer Digital Photo Restoration Services (click for more info).

Negatives are the second most common type of medium we see. We use our state-of-the-art Fuji SP3000 Digital Scanner and decades of expertise to convert analog images into high resolution digital files.

Prices for 35 millimeter negatives start at .69 cents each* for “standard” scans. Premium and Professional scans are also available for those wanting to make large prints from their old negatives.

Finally we come to slides or transparencies to use their official name. Transparencies were available in a number of sizes including 35 millimeter, 2 1/4 x 2 1/4 inches and 4×5 inches and many other variations. Transparencies pose interesting problems do to the limited exposure latitude that the film had. Like all of our scans we review each and every frame and make color and contrast adjustments to get the best digital copy possible.

“Standard” scans from 35 millimeter film start at $1.39 each*. Like negative film larger scans are also available if needed.

Many other scanning options are available for unique film sizes up to 8×10 inches. Please check with our staff if you have specific requirements or odd sized film.

Sadly we no longer have the ability to scan Disk Film, 110 Film or 126 Film.

*There is a $4.99 fee to burn all scanned images to a CD or DVD (supplied by us) or a user supplied flash drive. This fee also includes a set of thumbnail size images on index prints.