Prints from Film

Printing from film is quickly becoming a lost art. The members of our staff have nearly a century of combined experience with the processes and techniques to make stunning long lasting prints and enlargements from negative film and slides. We use the finest equipment, photo paper and chemistry to insure your prints will look beautiful and last for generations to come.

We are equipped to handle most film sizes including 35mm and medium format as standard product offerings. With the use of a large format scanner we can also make prints from large format films such as 4 x 5″ and 8 x 10″ as well as obsolete formats from days gone by. (Unfortunately we are no longer able to print from Disc film or Advanced Photo System “APS” film.)

Advanced Photo does not use “ink jet” or “dry lab” technology. Mass merchants have switched to these systems do to the lower operation costs, reduced labor and maintenance and lower cost of materials. In our opinion they are a compromise and that is not the way we want to do things. Until such time as technology comes along that can truly surpass traditional  silver halide printing we’ll continue to do it “our way”. It costs more but your prints are the images your family will be looking through for generations to come.