Film Processing & Printing

We got our start developing and printing film. We’ve been doing it for 25 years and it is still at the heart of the services we offer. If you’ve got film to develop we’re the lab you want to use.

Film development is a delicate balance of art and science. We still process film using tried and true processes to insure that your negatives are the correct density and color for scanning and printing.

Old negative 35 mm film strip on white background, strip of tangled camera film - place for copy and space text

Unlike “big box stores” that send your film away (yikes) to a mystical photo lab where the process we still process C-41 color print film right here in our Ashland location. It does not leave our store and you get professionally developed negatives that are ready to print or scan (we also offer both of those services).

Our standard size for prints from 35mm film is 4 x 6″ although we also offer 3 1/2 x 5″ as an option and 5×7″ as an upgrade.

Of course we also offer film scanning as an option at the time of film development.

We use the legendary Fuji SP3000 scanner to create color and density corrected files from your negatives.The files we create are then saved to high quality CD’s or DVD’s for long term storage.

Once scanned your disc can be used to make digital prints, email photos, upload to social media or ancestry sites, make gift items and more. Once you’ve got the scans the choices of what to do are nearly limitless.

Bring us your film and we’ll take care of the rest.